“My first husband passed away and I divorced my second. As a single mother, I have no other choice than to work, but I also like it and it’s healthy. Sometimes it happens that people are able to work but sit at home. I believe that is partly due to the social benefit system. You can just watch television all day long but still receive money at the end of the month. That makes you lazy! I told that to the Minister of Education, Culture, and Science when she visited us. But of course, an opportunity for work has to be given. And I was given that opportunity here.”
Raghad works at Van Hulley. Together with eleven other women she transforms your old shirt into a boxer short. The women want to work but don’t have the necessary papers for their ambition in the labour market. At Van Hulley they gain experience and follow education: half a week they go to school in order to get their ticket to the secondary vocational education (MBO), which brings them closer to realising their dreams.
 11 mei 2015, Humans of Groningen